Defending casualised staff during the pandemic

HEC notes

  1. that many HEIs will terminate the contracts of precariously-employed staff (including hourly-paid GTAs/PhD students) during the Coronavirus crisis, who will find it nearly impossible to secure alternative employment;
  2. the #CoronaContracts demand for 2 years secure employment for all casualised staff to ensure they are not left without employment or income during the crisis.

HEC resolves to:

  1. Launch a national campaign to defend jobs.
  2. Circulate the CoronaContracts petition to all UCU branches along with bargaining advice including a reminder that permanent staff should not cover work formerly done by casualised staff;
  3. Instruct the GS to write and circulate an open letter to Vice-Chancellors, UUK and UCEA pointing out the inhumanity of terminating casualised staff contracts during a pandemic, and demanding that they refrain from doing so, and to similarly call on research funding bodies to fund research staff for the next 2 years.

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